I'd go to Umbria with Maggie Smith any day. 

Packing for a European adventure can be pretty tricky for two main reasons:

1. You are almost always going to have limited space because:

  • A) you are probably taking an EasyJet flight or a RyanAir flight
  • B) you are probably not checking a bag and if you are, hats off to you because you are traveling in style. 

2. You need to leave room in your 'case for the treasures you plan on bringing back.

With these two factors in mind, it is important to get the most out of your wardrobe, which is something that us HI-STYLERS have become particularly good at. See here. My latest adventure was traveling around Umbria, Italy for 6 days in the heat of summer. Because of this I knew that I wanted to pack to clothes that did not cling to my body because of the heat and because of all the delicious pizza and pasta I would be consuming. With all that said, I chose to pack two staple items that I could repeat each day.

Shoes, H&M

Shirt, Madewell

A pair of suitable walking shoes, in my case these silver metallic flat-forms from H&M, my summer wardrobe staple, and a chambray shirt to cover up for the cooler nights and especially important if you are hopping in and out of the amazing cathedrals dotted across Italy.

With that said, lets see the outfits!

Outfit One:

Skirt Top
This skirt was perfect for our day-trip to Assisi because it hit an appropriate place on my legs and the chambray shirt was ideal for covering up my shoulders and arms for inside the Duomo di San Rufino (Assisi Cathedral).

Outfit Two:

Similar Dress Options: This and That
This particular day was sweltering hot, thankfully this dress is lightweight and strappy-- it made hiking to Civita incredibly doable. 

Outfit Three:

Similar Dress Options: Want and Need

Sadly, everything I am wearing has come from either obscure places, like a vintage shop in Paris, France, a charity shop in Brighton, England, or is no longer available. However I have located some items that I would have loved to have with me on my trip or similar. Next up, Amsterdam. 

Happy shopping, folks! 

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