As we head into this long weekend celebrating our nation's independence, we here at HI-STYLE urge you to take time out of your busy schedules of beers, babes & flag-waving to think about what it truly means to be an American. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of your own damn money.

With that, we give you: RiRi.
Every kind of discretion is advised. NSFWhatever.


HI-STYLE Dads Laughing With Seafood

Dads are the best. When you were a kid, they knew everything about (pretty much) everything, especially age-inappropriate jokes you were not to repeat in front of your mother. They were the strongest man on earth, definitely able to beat your friend's dads in a muscle contest (real 1st grade discussion).  Their t-shirt was your portable, extra large tissue, perfect for snot or tears - whatever the occasion called for. They let you bother them whenever you wanted, whether they were fixing, cooking, building, or just doing Dad Stuff, and they didn't even consider it bothering.


I'd go to Umbria with Maggie Smith any day. 

Packing for a European adventure can be pretty tricky for two main reasons:

1. You are almost always going to have limited space because:

  • A) you are probably taking an EasyJet flight or a RyanAir flight
  • B) you are probably not checking a bag and if you are, hats off to you because you are traveling in style. 

2. You need to leave room in your 'case for the treasures you plan on bringing back.


I went camping this weekend. And I did not hate it, but I will not be participating for at least 5 more years. There is too much stuff involved. And the biggest annoyance for me was that you bring it there clean and then you bring it back dirty.


Did this week wreck you too? Before we all dissolve into a shame spiral, let's take a minute to remember this: we made it to the weekend alive, and that's a damn accomplishment.

Cheers to being #alwaysonbeat, HI-STYLERS.

Even the Duck Tales theme gets the #BeyoncéAlwaysOnBeat treatment


Without a doubt, Benefit Cosmetics is the reigning champ of mall brow makeovers. I still remember being thirteen and begging my mom to make me a Brow Bar appointment after my best guy friend told me I had a unibrow (thanks, dude). She gave in, but kindly held back the obvious "I told you so" after I came away with unnaturally geometric, one-size-fits-all baby brows. After that, I vowed to never let another soul besides myself mess with them. I read up on the Kevyn Aucoin theory of brows, Bobbi Brown's, and consulted endless issues of Allure until I felt like I had my brow situation under control. Grow out, tweeze strays, repeat. No sharp angles, no tadpoles, none of this.


I've lived in Southern California my whole life - besides four too-short years in Virginia - and sometimes it feels like I'll never leave. And as I sit here writing this in the heart of Beverly Hills, looking out onto palm trees, the Hollywood sign, and more victims of Plastic Surgery Cat Face than most people will ever see in their lives, I think - why would I want to?

Answer: because Seattle exists. It's as much an opposite as it is a complement to LA - the weather is nice, but my kind of nice (which involves rain and cloudy skies). Everyone looks good - because in a chilly walking city, a great jacket/scarf/boot combo can make anyone look chic. And the waterfront is just as beautiful and sprawling - but with ferry boats.


Here's the catch, though: I've never actually been to Seattle. I know, you think I'm nuts for romanticizing a city known for bad weather and melodramatic doctors. But think about it - beer, flannels, rain, birth of grunge, trees, top notch coffee, boats, a spinning all screams MKS. So this spring, Q and I are going on a first date of sorts. A first date with Seattle.


STATES UNITED print by beauchamping

My family is pretty serious about gift giving. When I was a little kid, getting ready for any gift-giving opportunity - whether it be Christmas, a birthday, or Mother's Day (HINT) - meant crafting long lists of possible gifts and their corresponding prices...pre-401(k) I was limited to my kid-size allowance, and budgeting was key. Now I have Google Docs and a slightly higher budget, but the main theme is still the same: it's not about the cost or the quantity, it's the feeling behind the gift that really matters. We always value experiences over tangible goods, and everything is given with a story.

Mother's Day is on Sunday, and instead of a mug that says "World's Best Mom" (even though she is) or yet another home spa kit with lotion and bath salts (that one I might get for myself), show your mama how much she means to you by spending the day together. I've compiled a list of great locales all over the country, so you have plenty of ideas on how to treat your mom to a day with her favorite child - c'mon, you know it's you.


Here at HI-STYLE we love many things, and this video embodies three of them- Rachel Antonoff, Lena Dunham, and GIRL POWER.


Growing up, I was introduced to Blur through the walls between my older sister and I's room. I can't say I was an instant fan because I was only 6. But as I grew, so did my music taste and I owe that to MKM and her repertoire of punk bands. Between the years of their musical silence, I got my Damon Albarn and Blur fix by listening to The Gorillaz, but there was always something missing.

Well, fear not! Because yesterday Blur's 12 year studio silence ended when they dropped their new album, 'The Magic Whip,' and let me tell you I'm hooked. Not only did I fall back in love with their music but also with the hilarious video that accompanies their new single, 'Go Out.'

Check it out and happy listening!


My first intro to the Dead Milkmen was while researching the Vietnam War in middle school and stumbling on "Beach Party Vietnam," a jaunty tune from their 1986 album Eat Your Paisley! Between my then un-diagnosed ADD and too many viewings of Beach Blanket Bingo, my takeaway as a dumb 14 year old was that the Vietnam War was full of punk rockers saving bikini clad Gidget-types from buzz-saws run by the biker gang The Viet-Congs. In a very abstract, really vague, definitely wrong kind of way...I wasn't totally off base.


Guys, I think it's happening.

Spring is springing - sprunged? Sprong? Whatever - it's no longer winter! Except for MEM, sorry boo. Until we're all prancing through meadows and praying for the Coachella effect to wear off (no more fringed vests and flower crowns, PLEASE), we can at least celebrate spring through our nailz.


Claire Boucher, you are the official HI-STYLE fairy queen. Not only is this new-ish video release for REALiTi curing our post-Daylight Savings Monday mean reds, but her highlighter sunset hair is giving us major Manic Panic envy. Not to mention the incredible destinations flying by in the background - you're killing us, Grimes.


Mindy, we're right there with you #strugglehearse

Welcome back to another edition of HI-STYLE GETS FIT! We hope you have been sticking to your fitness aspirations these last two months. Or if you haven't, we hope this next installment gets you to quit workin' that Netflix account and work your booty instead.


How cool is this? Thanks to our friends over at Hip.Hip.Hooray! Check out their Etsy shop opening March 24th.

One frozen weekend, MVM decided she'd had enough of snowy DC - so she escaped, luggage in hand, to the welcoming shores of sunny LA. From Santa Monica to Seal Beach, MVM reveled in the clear skies and streets lined with palm trees and people who have never heard the words "blizzard warning in effect." Magical. 

Besides lazing at the beach and "hiking" Runyon Canyon, one could argue that shopping is one of Southern California's main pastimes. So MVM met MKS at one of Orange County's finest retail establishments, South Coast Plaza, for a little lunch and browsing - when in Rome, right?

What transpired was a Lady Date of epic proportions.