HI-STYLE Dads Laughing With Seafood

Dads are the best. When you were a kid, they knew everything about (pretty much) everything, especially age-inappropriate jokes you were not to repeat in front of your mother. They were the strongest man on earth, definitely able to beat your friend's dads in a muscle contest (real 1st grade discussion).  Their t-shirt was your portable, extra large tissue, perfect for snot or tears - whatever the occasion called for. They let you bother them whenever you wanted, whether they were fixing, cooking, building, or just doing Dad Stuff, and they didn't even consider it bothering.

Now, they help you do your taxes and figure out if your landlord is ripping you off. You can have a debate about what's going to happen to Jon Snow on the next season of GOT, or if opening a Roth IRA is really worth it (it is). Your dad is your first forever bro, so show him how much you care today by laughing at his dad jokes and hanging out doing whatever he loves to do.

Speaking of, this HI-STYLER has a clambake to get back to - so I will leave you with a supercut of TV's greatest father figure, Bob Belcher, doing what Bob does best.

OH MY GOD, Happy Father's Day!

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