Cowboy Bebop is a western/noir anime series from the late nineties and early 2000s about a rag-tag bunch of bounty hunters  - it has the distinction of being the first anime series shown on Adult Swim in the US, which was my first introduction to it. One particular summer I had terrible insomnia, and would wake up in the middle of the night wide awake. After a few nights of watching the same awful music videos on MTV (boy, is that clearly a statement from the past), I turned to Adult Swim and would watch pieces of Bebop until I fell asleep again. I recently revisited the series, which turned out to be the best and worst decision of my life - there are only twenty-six episodes and one movie, so pace yourself. You'll want it to last.

Something I noticed this time around was the fashion aboard the Bebop. Like most cartoons, each character has their own uniform that they rarely deviate from. Bebop is a very popular cosplay choice, and I can totally see why. I appreciate the even distribution of female and male characters, and that the adult female character is no one's romantic foil. She's just her badass self.

While cosplay definitely has its place in the world, sometimes I want to draw inspiration from a character without sacrificing my style. Everyone on Bebop has their own fashion identity, and I love how well they translate to current trends - as you can see below!

So three, two, one - let's jam.


Spike is our cowboy protagonist, a former hit-man who now travels the universe aboard the Bebop looking for bounties (and trouble). Suit up - Spike knows the key to getting what you want is a sharp look, and some witty one-liners can't hurt either.

Blazer, pants, and shirt, Zara. Scarf, Antagoniste. Shoes, Stella McCartney


Ed, or rather Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV, is a preteen genius hacker with the most joie de vivre out of all the Bebop characters. Rarely not in motion, she's all about comfort and freedom - as evidenced by her lack of footwear.

Electric Tiger Lily hair color, Manic Panic. Goggles, Jublo. T-shirt, Athleta. Cycle shorts, American Apparel


Jet is the captain, cook, and mechanic of the Bebop, with a rough exterior hiding an inner softie. He loves caring for his bonsai and collecting bounties, if only to stop the others' whining about the cheap quality of his cooking.

Jumpsuit, Skin. Boots, Paolo. Sweater, Mango


Faye is the show's resident femme fatale, though her character is far more of a damsel in destruction than distress. A sarcastic, amnesiac bounty hunter with a penchant for ass-kicking in hot pants, she's a real role-model.

Top and shorts, New Age Rebel. Shoes, Jeffrey Cambell. Clutch, Vlieger & Vandam


Of course, the true star of the show is Ein, a data dog who came into the Bebop crew's possession after a botched bounty hunt. Ein is a genetically enhanced corgi - and with advanced intelligence comes advanced cuteness. If you weren't interested in the show by now, here's your reason for watching.

See you later, Space Cowboy...

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