Celebrating yet another birthday just isn't as fun once you get above a certain age. It's not that my birthday doesn't deserve ample recognition and attention, but let's just say that I will forever be celebrating the anniversary of my 21st birthday.

That said, I still had some serious celebrating ahead of me. ARF's parents were flying in from the land of sun and fun for a few days and generously offered to take me out for a beautiful birthday dinner. After a week of searching and going through my most wanted list of restaurants, we decided on Restaurant Nora.

Hidden just a few blocks off Dupont Circle, Nora's is a DC classic. They've been around for over 20 years, holding the prestigious title of America's First Certified Organic Restaurant. The setting was rustic and quaint--something I looked for when making this decision.

There are four distinct seating areas; we were seated in the gallery which was out the front door and through an entirely different entrance. But enough talk about the setting, I know you all want to know what we ate!

A personalized menu, how lovely!

Fried green tomatoes with Old Bay dipping sauce

We decided it was best to share a few appetizers in order to save room for the expansive dessert menu. We shared the fried green tomatoes and a delicious pineapple carpaccio with hearts of palm and pistachios. Delicious!

I wasn't the best blogger during dinner because I wanted to stay in the moment, so excuse my sparse photography!

Lobster and scallops with polenta

Stuffed squash with goat cheese and farro-- it might not look like much, but it was divine.

The whole meal finished with candles and a chocolate cake, naturally. Happy birthday to me!

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