With all this sun and heat, I've felt like summer was still happening. Then I looked up and BAM - grey skies, cool breeze, fog on the windshield in the morning, hot coffee instead of iced. It's October, baby.

Finally, I can get back to layers and knits for the office, just the way I like it. Much better than dressing for the blazing heat outside while also carting a sweater around for the tundra that is my office.

My other constant tundra combat weapon? A nice cup 'o joe.

Layered dressing is my ideal for any season, particularly in my "happy" colors - black, grey, more black. Besides the usual black on black, I also like grey on grey; the heathered variances mean that even if they're not the exact same shade, they'll mesh well regardless. And black goes with everything - especially when you've got a monochromatic closet like mine.

My slit-side sweater is from Forever 21, I love that it's not too long and the slits aren't too high. The only place I like office scandal is on Netflix (OLIVIA POPE PUN). Both the booties and the skirt were Zara steals; the booties for $30 during a sale and the skirt for $20 full price. Full price! I'm a madwoman.

This fab bracelet was #MadeWithCode, a great initiative with Google and Shapeways aimed at inspiring young women to get into code by 3D printing fun things. It's firmly on the bunny slopes of 3D printing, since it's mostly dragging shapes into other shapes on a website and then three weeks later a bracelet appears in your mailbox - but I love the idea. And the bracelet!

Sweater, F21, Similar. Skirt, Zara, Similar. Booties, Zara, Similar

Maybe in a few weeks I'll be lucky to drape a nice warm coat over this look - until then, it's transitional dressing for me.


  1. Omg I'm all about your slit-side sweater. Huge bonus that it's from Forever 21 which makes it more accessible. Happy weekend! :] // ☼ ☯

  2. That sweater rules! Nice shots.



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