I always feel like October flies by, and this year was no exception. Maybe because we celebrated two special HI-STYLE birthdays, or maybe because it means that fall is here and I'm having too grand a time in the chilly weather, or maybe because I spent the entire month planning my Halloween costume.

This October has been a little bit different for me. I have not had internet for about two weeks (eeek), thus I have moved out of my amazing London flat into the nearest Pret-A-Manger. No, but seriously, they know me by name and have for sure picked up on my "fill the same bottle of water for an entire week" tactic.

Not having internet has awakened a mix of emotions in me - I hate how tied I am to the need to constantly update the world on my whereabouts, but being off the grid has also given me some time to breathe and force myself to close my laptop and get outside. For instance, I walked 7 miles on Tuesday with no particular destination in mind. I walked through Oxford Circus, a place I have been a handful of times, then to St. Pauls, Southbank, Tate Modern, and finally Borough Market. It was  great to take a break from school and explore this amazing city I now call home.

With that said, here are five things that I have been doing and seeing in my month sans internet.

1. Horn Ok Please- Indian Street Food- Someone intelligent once said, "I could live off curry alone" (hint, it was me). I do love curry, but if I'm being honest this applies to pretty much all Indian food. HOP has a stand at Borough Market and it is heaven in a plastic dish - I have been twice just in the past week.

2. Frieze Art Fair- I met my destiny as soon as I walked in. Frieze London and Frieze Masters are among the most prestigious art fairs in the world, drawing visitors and exhibitors from around the globe. Frieze London is filled with new innovative works (including some fascinating interactive performance art), while Frieze Masters takes a modern look at masters from every era up to the year 2000. I only have two words to describe my experience: visual ecstasy. If you are an art-bug like myself, mark your calendars for next October.

3. Tracy Emin, "The Last Great Adventure Is You" at White Cube Bermondsey- Worth a visit if you are an Emin fan -- while I didn't love the entire exhibit, the massive nude embroideries and the neons were my favorites.

4. ASOS chunky sweater- This sweater was the best gift a girl could ask for. It is cozy and perfect for fall days in London.

5. Purl- For my birthday celebrations, my wonderful flatmates treated me to drinks at this underground speakeasy in Marylebone. Their libations are whimsical and delicious, but this is definitely a treat for very special occasions because the drinks are on the pricey side.

October you were wonderful and I am sad to see you go.


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  1. You've got me craving a move to London and Indian food (for the 100th time each). Also, dark lipstick + your tortoise shell frames is so good!



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