Want to know where you will find the ladies of HI-STYLE on the morning of September 14th? On Net-a-Porter (Hey, Soph) checking out the newest Target collection. We are known to have some of the fastest clicking fingers in all of the land. Much easier than waiting in line because 2/3 of us will already be sitting at our desks at the time of the unveiling.

Joseph Altuzarra is a world renowned designer, who nabbed this year's CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year Award. Though some of you may not know who he is, Target is here to help you with this small but fixable predicament.

I was going to show you guys our favorite pieces. Unfortunately, there are not many photos of the new collection. I guess that is going to have to wait until tomorrow. Tune back for more!

It's here! My daily, sometimes three times daily, emails from Refinery 29 have kindly put together a nice image gallery of the entire collection. Now, without further ado, our favorites...

MKS: This black orchid maxi dress will add drama and glamour to any night out--look at that slit!

MEM: Just call me Cara D, because this suit is HAWT.

MVM: Don't these silky beauties just call your name?

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