I love a good Taco.Tuesday may just be another day of the week for some of you, but for me it's Taco Tuesday. There is a spot in Clarendon called Fuego, that makes a mean little taco. And I mean little. They are just small little babes. For 5 bucks you get two tacos, you can mix and match your pair. This week, A and I chose three different varieties, the al pastor (pork), camarones (shrimp), and the calabaza (squash).

Look at those pickled onions. 

Three tacos were not enough for A, so he ordered the quesadilla de jaiba (crab quesadilla with sweet corn).

Hurts so good.
Between the four different dishes we had, the calabaza was my favorite. It would have been the quesadilla de jaiba had I not broken into hives. But hey, you win some, you lose some.


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