Last week I had a rare night off.
A night off from running around like a chicken with my head cut off and more importantly a night off from smelling like a hundred dollar french fry. With this news, I immediately called my good friend GP and begged that we try a new restaurant on the island, Holy Tequila. 

As soon as we stepped in the doors we were mesmerized by the decor. There were hanging bottles of different tequila brands and stars dangling from the ceiling. Though we didn't stray too far from the bar because there was a fun, but quite noisy Mariachi band playing. 

After gazing into the stars, GP and I settled ourselves on two bar stools for a little bit of food, but mostly drinks. I wasn't that hungry when we arrived so we settled for some chips and guacamole to start.

Sadly, their guacamole was less than stellar, too much lime and salt.

Before coming, I heard from a work friend that they served 5 dollar frozen sangrias. When she told me I was instantly sold. Unfortunately when I ordered one the bartender informed me that the machine was empty (at 8:30 pm on a Thursday), with no inclination that it was going to be refilled. 

Slightly disappointed, I headed back to the drink menu, which featured different flights of tequila and other interesting looking drinks. I settled for a hibiscus margarita. 

A good second choice, a nice combination of salty and sweet. 

Because of my minimal hunger I thought it best to head straight to the dessert menu and ordered their churros. Boy, was I not disappointed. This indulgent treat was like biting into a fluffy cloud dusted with cinnamon and sugar. The sauce that they came with was not as tasty, but easily forgotten about two bites in. 

Look at them, just staring at you saying "eat me, eat me"

GP settled for a more traditional Mexican dinner, tacos. Because of her indecisiveness she went for two different kinds, grilled shrimp and pulled pork.

Unfortunately for all the hype surrounding them, they were not very good. In fact we could have easily headed over to the many hole in the wall Mexican restaurants dotting the island for better Mexican fare. 

Before we left I thought I would give them another chance, this time with a classic margarita. 

Again, pretty darn average for a place that claiming they know tequila. 

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One thing Holy Tequila is doing right is the size of their bathroom mirror, because a night would not be complete without a few selfies. 

Like I said earlier, if you have the option of going to Holy Tequila or a hole in the wall restaurant, choose the latter.  

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