This past week I hopped on a train at King's Cross and headed from London to York. I have friends who live there and are gracious enough to let me stay with them for extended periods of time. While I was there we took a day trip to Salts Mill in Saultaire, England. 

Salts Mill is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, formerly a mill, built by Titus Salt 1853. In 1987 it was purchased and transformed into a cultural hub. It is made up of an art gallery- home to one of the largest David Hockney collections, a shoppers dream, and a delicious restaurant. 

Seriously when I walked in I was amazed and didn't know where to start. The David Hockney's hanging on the walls or the insane collection of art, design, and just generally awesome books and art supplies?

They had books for everyone.

I wanted one of each of these handy dandy notebooks, but alas I forgot to grab them as we left. Guess I will have to go back!

Once we finished the first floor, we made our way to the second. This time it was not just art books, but children's books, cookbooks, classic books, and anything interesting. We spent a good hour just looking through them all. Personally, I got lost in the cookbooks.

A book dedicated to just grilled cheese and another for mac and cheese. Just amazing.

They also had special editions of classics with lovely covers.

I have slowly been growing an obsession for little pocket notebooks, perfect for jotting down to-do lists. When I saw these my eyes grew so large.  I don't think I have enough thoughts for all of the beautifully patterned notebooks I own, but that is not stopping me from buying more. I have a feeling some of these will find there way into some of the gifts I am giving this season.

I would have bought them all had it not been for my moaning bank account.

Once we worked our way through the stacks, we progressed to the middle of the mill and on to the other side that was dedicated to home and design.

But not before snagging photos of some of my favorite Matisse cut-puts.

On to the home and design. I may not be a home owner or have anywhere to put anything found in this store, but I wanted it all. 

Hand dipped candles in every color imaginable.



...and more chairs...

Seriously, so many incredibly designed chairs. 

After wandering around for a couple of hours, we worked up a serious appetite and made our way to Salts Diner. 

The restaurant was decorated in primary colors and had a fun and inviting atmosphere. The staff was young and excited to be there and interact with the customers. Overall is was a great place to eat lunch, it also didn't hurt that I wanted everything on their menu!

I ended up getting the pizza of the day, which had roasted butternut squash, beet, and goat cheese. Usually I would be a little be wary of beets on a pizza, but it surprisingly worked!

I think the wiener dog logo is amazing and I would recommend Salts Diner to any of my friends and family. Next time you are in Yorkshire, make sure to set aside a day to head to the Mill!


  1. Beautiful photos & what a wonderful place!

  2. I was there about ten years ago and still have my wiener dog logo t shirt! At that time they had Hackney's Polaroid collage of the Grand Canyon on display. Inspired me to do some of my own. And the sticky toffee pud in the Diner was the best I've ever had!


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