Go on - be a selfish git. You know you want to. 

Welcome to the last installment of the 2014 Gift Guide. Congratulations, now it is time for some dreaming! I thought it would be fun to troll through the inter-webs, through my many lists, and to pick through my friend's brains for the unattainable-- or rather the present you wouldn't normally ask for- something you have always lusted for. Today, we shoot for the moon!


London will forever hold a special place in my heart, there are too many memories to let it go, but my dream has always been to travel to Thailand. Since we are shooting for the moon, I have decided to tie it all into one nicely trip planned around the Jessie Ware concert at the O2. Pack your bags, because we leave January 28th!


My Winter Wonderland wouldn't be complete without an outfit.  As you know, we have always lusted after For Love and Lemons, and this dress is no different. The pattern is the perfect pairing with these Western inspired boots and of course the Pashli mini. 
Dress, For Love and Lemons / Shoes, Saint Laurent / Bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim


Next stop, New York City to show off my new outfit at Del Posto over their famous 100 layer lasagna, and of course I will be bringing my Mummy along, because lasagna is our favorite. For the  days when I am not eating delicious layers of cheese and pasta, an air fryer! Because who doesn't love things fried in 70% less oil. (In my Winter Wonderland, calories don't count--ever).

Phillips, Air Fryer

Del Posto, NYC


For my inner gamer, I have MKY (no, that isn't a typo, she's my other sis) to thank for that, an Xbox One . My friend's family has one of these, and I thought MKY and I could have a fun time with this new system. Once all the  Xbox fun has been had, this Nike windbreaker is perfect for a brisk winter run. 

Xbox One

Nike, Running Jacket


Ho! Ho! Ho! This post wouldn't be complete with a little lust from my HI-STYLE girls. Check out below to see what these girls would have in their Winter Wonderland. 


When it comes to a little fantasy self-love around the holidays, I don't mess around. Top of my forever-dream list is the iconic Cartier love bracelet. One of my most prized possessions is a vintage Cartier watch that used to be my father's, and I think it deserves to have a shiny friend around. Jimmy Choo makes dozens of beautiful shoes, but this laser-cut version of the classic Anouk is to die for! And what good are beautiful things if you have nowhere to wear them? I think a little Highland fling is in order - the Highlands of Scotland, that is. A restful stay at one of eight rooms at Boath House in Nairn, with day trips to Loch Ness and the myriad whisky distilleries tucked into the greenery. My kind of heaven.


Givenchy, boots

YSL, leather jacket

What to do in Oslo, Norway. 

Maybe I've watched Frozen too many times in the last two weeks, maybe not. Regardless a trip to Norway is on my to-visit list. While I'm there I can romp around eating waffles slathered in fresh strawberry jam in my new Givenchy boots and YSL leather. Sounds like a dream to me. Now all I have to do is dye my hair blonde and braid it like Elsa.

What would you have in your Winter Wonderland?

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