Every once in a while, I find it refreshing to sit back and take stock. What in my life is working, what's not, what I'm loving and what could use some tweaking. It helps to keep me grounded - and honest. Life's not perfect, and there are definitely a few things I'd like to change - on that note, apologies to anyone who has had to experience my living room lately, because I have turned into a closet/shoe rack/dumping ground.

Besides highlighting my inherent messiness, taking stock also brings out what I'm most excited about coming up - from big to small. And I'm not even counting the holidays yet!


Are you in LA? Have we spoken in the past 24 hours? If so, I've already tried to force you to come to the Joie sample sale at Siren Studios on Orange Drive - it's open until 8pm tonight, and you better believe I'll be there the second I get off work. Last time I snagged a sweet pair of ankle boots and a cashmere sweater, both for a fraction of the original price. For bonus points, hit it tomorrow morning when they open again (freshly restocked) at 9am. Go forth and sample, my friends.


AAAAAATTENZIONE I love these cups. 

I've been running on empty the past week and a half, so this weekend will feel especially sweet. My plan? Making a kick-ass brunch at home on Saturday, and maybe a little cleaning to TSwift's new album - I know, the choice of music is very unlike me. But 1989 came along right when I needed a brain break, and Beyoncé is taking too long with her next album...I don't need to explain myself to you; just look at this self-deprecating comedic genius and tell me you're not into it at least a little:


Hoo boy, if I thought this past week was busy, next week is gonna kick my ass. It all begins Wednesday when I partake in Red Bull's 30 Days in LA with Not Your Mama's Roller Disco at Moonlight Rollerway...I can already feel the bruises forming since I'm sure I'm shockingly out of practice.

Meet you on the three-eyed swan.

The next night we're off to Hendrick's Emporium of the Unusual for possibly the most eccentric cocktail tasting I will ever have the pleasure of attending. I'll let you know just how "unusual;" I've heard riddles will be involved. Here's a preliminary one to get started, see if you can guess: What has notes of juniper, cucumber, rose petal and Chance by Chanel? Me after a night at the Emporium - pray for me.

Friday night is the pièce de résistance, a magical evening with none other than HI-STYLE favorite lady FKA twigs. If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm traveling to the twigs dimension. Don't wait up.


Mela Loves London Coat, £35 (I KNOW)

We all need treats sometimes. Some treats can be consumed, like a perfect latte from Alfred's or that tender-is-the-night pork belly from Mud Hen. Some can be experienced, like a stroll through Hollywood Forever Cemetery after a gorgeous performance by Lana del Rey (it happened and was perfect). And some treats can be worn to any and all of those occasions - like this chic leopard print coat. I've been searching for a good one for a while, and I just decided the other day to pull the trigger and get it. Let's hope it's as good as it looks!

What's up with you?

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