Oh man, I am such a sucker for themed makeup collections. 

This August, MAC released A Novel Romance, one of their limited edition makeup collections for fall. The colors are right up my alley - dark eye shadows and lip colors, bold blushes - I couldn't resist.

The whole collection was divine, but I was good and only indulged a little - Hearts Aflame lipstick and Animal Instincts blush. I've had red lipstick before, of course. But I think this brick-red, almost pinot noir-ish color will be a new, interesting addition to my repertoire. The blush I'm wary of; I've never owned one this dark! I think if I keep the application light it won't look too clownish.

The big question now is, how to wear these new beauties? Thankfully MVM pointed me towards Burberry's S/S15 makeup looks, particularly this fabulous preview by Essie Button, which inspired me to go the full nine yards into serious vamp territory. Dewy skin, strong burgundy lip, and sand-colored eyeshadow that give you that "sexy jaundice" look they love on the runway - but hopefully a little less sickly.

Since I'm on a budget, I had to go without Burberry's beautiful Fresh Glow foundation to achieve my own glow. Instead, I used Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup and elf's Shimmering Facial Whip. For eyeshadow, I used the elf Flawless Eyeshadow nude palette - why spend more if I'm only using this color for one look? I also picked up a lip brush - with such a dramatic color, it's best not to apply the lipstick straight from the tube. It will last longer on your lips and use less product, plus no blotting needed!

The results of my experi-vamp? Fab. I felt very dramatic - one comment (compliment?) was "goth princess" so I guess I did it right?

The elf taupe shadow was just the shade I was looking for; what a find. My skin was fresh and dewy, and the cranberry lip color looked great against my skin tone. I'd love to amp this look up with a little more mascara for a night out, but for daytime it's perfect the way it is.  

Pining for cooler weather.
The LA heat may not be ready for fall, but I sure am. Bring on the deep jewel tones and chunky knits! This girl wants to get her moody on. 


  1. I love this take on the look. It looks just as expensive, but it's actually affordable. Way to go! :)


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