I AM BACK. And I'm in a new country!

This week I will be starting classes, exploring the city, and making new friends. The only tip I have for making new friends thing is to wear something cool so you will attract the cool people. Then show them your weird side. I will report back to you.

Here is what I did in my first few days:

Fresh off the airplane, hunting for food and important people.

This is my tube stop on the way to school, pretty spiffin. 

My first of many pints in my local pub (it still feels weird to say pub). And yes my overalls did attract friends.

I would like to dedicate this toasty to my best friend and sister, Manda. As well as Danielle and Ashley, because I know you have a special place in your heart for them. (YES THAT IS MY NEW NUMBER, IF YOU CAN READ IT, FINE. IF YOU CAN'T COOL. CONTACT ME AT YOUR OWN RISK)

There will be many trips to this place.

Traveling to Portobello road, it only rained a little. 

Bone Daddies is one of my favorite restaurants in London, if you couldn't tell I love ramen. 

ML and I queuing (picking up some lingo) for some delicious food.

By the time you are reading this I will have completed my first day of grad school, hopefully it went well.


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