Vassily Kandinsky, Swinging, 1925

Do I really need more words than this, just take it all in. I will for sure be spending a lot of my time at the Tate Modern hanging out with some of my favorite artists.

Pablo Picasso, The Three Dancers, 1925
A whole room dedicated to Mark Rothko, Red on Maroon (left), 1958, Black on Maroon (center) 1959, Black on Maroon (right), 1958
Jackson Pollock, Yellow Islands, 1952
Jackson Pollock, Yellow Islands, 1952

Lee Krasner, Gothic Landscape, 1961

Louise Bourgeois
Louise Bourgeois, Toilette, 1994
Cy Twombly, Untitled, 2005

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  1. Ahhhhhhhh! I have to get there next trip, must see Yellow Islands in person!!


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