Ferryboat view

Last week, I made use of my PTO and hopped on a quick plane to YTZ (Toronto). I landed in the city airport and made my way via the slowest cab ever to Yorkville.  Earlier this week Maddy wrote about our trip to Momo but I wanted to give you all a peek at some of my favorite snaps from this short, but sweet, weekend I spent with my family. I would also like to welcome the newest M into our lives, my baby niece Meridien Lane. I wished you hadn't waited so long, but I can't wait to meet you on my next trip!

Life saving.

The cookie fridge.

Stairway to heaven

Are we twins?
My old stomping grounds

Behind the scenes
Give it to me baby-uh huh uh huh. 

We rode our bikes to get chai. 
This trip is brought to you by Kit-Kat.

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