I woke up Saturday morning feeling a 

But first, breakfast. 

Fig jam, four varieties of honey from Austria, butter and pancakes. And of course, espresso. #yesIdideatthat 

So - this pink thing. MEM had graciously nominated me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that is sweeping Facebook - I'm sure you've seen them all. I declined to dump a bucket of water over my head for many reasons (besides the fact that CA is perpetually in a drought), but number one is because I had a much better way to support the cause. My aunt battled ALS for four years, and from her diagnosis to her passing was a very public advocate for ALS research and awareness - and for keeping joy in your life, however you can. The official color for her personal cheer squad was hot pink, and she rocked that shocking hair color before it was cool. Pink hair brought her joy, and now it brings me joy.
Temporarily, at least!

Day 1: Jem & the Holograms All-Over Pink

Pinks have more fun. 

La Brea & Melrose

Day 2: Unwashed Kurt In Love Pink

Day 3: Day Job-Appropriate Pink

Will Cotton

Add some sass to your Heidi braids...

Thanks, Vogue

...or some pizazz to your pony.

Day 4: Still Not Sure How Long This Will Last Pink

But I hope it lasts a while. 


  1. The pink looks lovely!Both the "strong" version and the faded version

    1. Thanks! Hair chalk is a wonderful thing.


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