Another week has passed, which means another list.

These past few weeks have been crAzy busy with work and moving all happening at once. The end of the month came quicker than I expected. Here are a few things that stayed with me throughout my hectic days. I have two videos this week, because I just couldnt choose between the two and thought you needed to see both. In no particular order..

  1. This link was seriously one of the most helpful things I have read all week. As I start to grow up and go to more parties and weddings, I need to know when it is appro time to say goodbye. Check it out, I know I wasn't the wasn't the only one wondering
  2. I love watching the Vogue 73 Question videos, check out the latest with Blake Lively
  3. My favorite possession in this world is finally going to be hung on the walls of my new apartment. I can't wait to visit Maddy in Londy. 
    by Jenni Sparks
  4. I loved this video, made me wish I had been a ballet dancer. Though, probably not possible with my grace (or lack there of).

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