When I want to indulge in some online shopping but don't want the guilt that comes with it, I turn to Warby Parker. Their home try-on service makes it so easy to get the adrenaline rush of clicking "COMPLETE MY ORDER" without the pesky bill afterwards. I do actually need new frames, so it's not totally without cause.

For the uninitiated, Warby Parker is a glasses company that makes incredibly hip frames for a fraction of the cost you may see in Lenscrafters. For every frame you buy, they donate one to someone in need. Because their brick & mortar locations are few and far between, they allow you to pick five frames and try them on for five days, for free. They do take your credit card info, but it's only to make sure you don't run off with any of their sample frames. Don't like any of the frames you picked? Send 'em on back and try on five more - they don't mind!

Let's recap - cool design, low cost, charitable aspect, try-ons delivered to your doorstep...what's not to love?

With that, let's find me some new glasses.


Ames in Whiskey Tortoise

I like this professor vibe with the half wire rims, but I worry they're too studious - I already wear a lot of button downs, no need to exacerbate my "Revenge of the Nerds" look further. 

I'll push my glasses up the bridge of my nose as much as I like, thank you. 

Duval in Whiskey Tortoise

"When I see someone wearing glasses like that, all I can think is Gary Oldman." Thank you, Q. You have made this decision both hilarious and easy. 

I still like them, Gary Oldman be damned!


Haskell in Burnt Lemon Tortoise

These might be the winners. I feel a little like Tom Ripley in these, which is the best thing. I don't get to indulge the murderous, identity-shifting, social-climbing side of me as much as I would like, and these might help me channel that. Joking - or am I?

The Talented Ms. Somerset


Holcomb in Oak Barrel

They look a little like the glasses Marilyn Monroe wore in How to Marry a Millionaire - but I'm not interested in anyone calling me "quite a strudel."

Kuchen is more like it. 

Kimball in Marzipan Tortoise

Honestly I just wanted to try them on because the color is called Marzipan Tortoise. Imagine! A tortoise made out of marzipan. Remarkable. 

I was told there would be candy. 

So, which one is the winner? Or is it back to WP for more choices? Do I even need new frames?

Thank god it's Friday. 


  1. Haskell are the obvious winners here.

  2. Ditto on Haskell. Some of the others are too heavy for the lightness of your beauty.

  3. I am going to have to agree with Haskell, should I get matching ones?


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