As my impending move across the globe/pond quickly approaches, I have been plagued with the task of packing all of my belongings into two very large, and probably very overweight bags.

This is a very daunting task for someone like me, for two reasons:
 1. I am very good at working myself into an anxious mess, and
 2. When I am in said anxious mess I need to know the location of every item of clothing/accessory.

Writing this post has me thinking of my mint green tee-shirt with the bulldogs on it, do any of you know where it is? Can you even imagine traveling thousands of miles away without your favorite pair of converse? BECAUSE I CANNOT. (^^^I HAVE IT- MVM)

As I was chatting with my sister, MKM/Y, I mentioned that I needed a way to organize my jewelry/accessories in a way that would travel safely and not take up too much space. Of course all the MK's in the world have the answer to everything and she suggested I go to a craft store and pick up one of those storage containers that crafty people use to sort their beads and other items.

Michael's Bead Organizer 

An organizers paradise. There are two levels, the top that has individual compartments with lids that snap and then the bottom that is larger and perfect for necklaces, watches, and larger earrings. 

Lo and behold, the perfect organizer for all your necklace, earring, rings, and watch needs. With the added bonus of clear plastic making it super easy to see everything. (I've got my eyes on all of you, jewelry, you will never leave my sight again!)

I sense some sort of theme going on here?
Necklace 1, Necklace 2, Necklace 3 (similar), Necklace 4

This is also the perfect transition to show you all the new pieces that I recently acquired from Forever 21. They were having a mad good sale and their jewelry, although not the best quality, is always super affordable if you are looking to give your outfit a little bit of edge.

You can sort by shape, size, necklace, earring, you name it! 
Midi rings

Perfect sized compartments for all shapes and sizes. I will be testing out its travel abilities this week and as you read this I will be on a plane to my homeland (Toronto!). So expect some very exciting posts to come AND I will finally be reunited with MVM. Oh, the love, the love, the love. 


  1. Great idea! they make those things closet sized??


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