Being an art history graduate and grad student and a lover of all things fashion, pop culture, and music means that I get a major kick out the following:

1. I have followed the Instagram account Fly Art Productions for over a year now, in fact "Persephone Don't want No Scrub" / Simone Pignoni The Rape of Persephone c. 1650 / No Scrub TLC has been my background since I can't even remember. I don't know what it is, but the juxtaposition of current song lyrics (mostly explicit rap songs) and gorgeous specimens of art really make me smile.

Persephone don't want no scrub
It doesn't hurt that they are finally printing these images on tshirts and sweatshirts. (MKS also recently purchased one, check it out here).

2. A friend of MVM's brought this to my attention and I can honestly think of nothing greater right now. FASHION X ART collide so well. Soooooo well. I mean, Frida Kahlo can I please have your t-shirt? Plus her eyebrow game was on point even before the strong brow was a thing.

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