We have all been there. It's 10 am on a Saturday morning, I am alone, and wandering the aisles of Target. I have a cart filled with a lot of useful and a lot of useless items. A particular item that I couldn't wait to try when I got back to my apartment was the NYX Wonder Pencil. It is a concealer, brightener, and lip liner all in one! I have been using the Benefit Eye Bright pencil for a few months now, but this is basically the same thing. Maybe even better. The reason I think it may be better is because it has a smaller point than the Benefit version, making it easier to line your waterline. 

I took some glamour shots of the pencil, so you could all bask in its $4.50 glory. That's right, you read that correctly, $4.50!!! I have a couple of other products from NYX, including their lip butters, and they have yet to let me down. If you get a chance, you should go out and grab yourself one of these pencils because I promise you will not regret it!

Work it. 

Look at it, just staring at you. 

Hey, there.

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