If you live in or around London, you have  heard the buzz of a restaurant dedicated solely to cereal. Cereal Killer Cafe, on Brick Lane in East London, opened last month and is open from 7am- 10pm, so basically you can quench your cereal craving day and night. 

My friends and I decided to go at night after a very intense class on Contemporary art, you could say a drink was needed, but we settled for sugary cereal instead. I suggest going at night, there wasn't a lot of people inside and that meant no line. 

All you have to do is walk up to the counter and order, you choose from a long list of over 100 cereals they have from around the globe or choose one of their cocktails. Pick you size, small, medium, or large (all reasonably priced.) After you choose your cereal, don't forget to choose your milk and add any combination of their 20 some toppings. They have 12 different milk options which you can spice up with different flavors offered, including chocolate, caramel, espresso, strawberry... the list goes on.

Basically, you have no choice in getting  the same bowl of cereal twice because there are so many magical options. 

I ended up settling on Capt'n Crunch with banana and almond milk and for my second bowl, Frosties with almond milk. Next time, I am back  I will be more adventurous. Maybe I will even get one of their cocktails, I have my eye on the Chocopotomos, how can you say no to that? 

I will for sure be going back. 

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