Last week I had a free day and a free day always means knocking a few things off my massive to-do list (to-do in London list, lets not get that confused with my to-do school list). So I thought it best to kick it off with brunch at The Breakfast Club, a truly magical place filled with syrup and other good stuff.

We decided to go to the Hoxton location so that we could explore a bit of East London afterwards. Well, I got lost on the tube, for the first time since I have been here. The system is normally pretty straight forward, much easier than Paris, but the Northern line is a big fat biatch. Anyways I made it there, hangry and 45 minutes late. 

I stormed into the place and sat down needing a drink and what I came for, food. 


Once I calmed down I took the time to enjoy the kitsch and charm of the whole place. 

Both of us decided to go for the french toast with syrup and bacon, I gave my bacon away. 

If you couldn't tell from the picture below, it was absolutely terrible and I would never go back. 

Jokes...I will be back, possibly next time for happy hour and a bloody mary. 

Having left full and completely satisfied we thought it was our duty to walk off a few of the calories we in-took. 

We headed out straight for Box Park, a series of storage containers stacked on top of one another. I think this idea is genius, it offers space for shops that wouldn't necessarily be able to afford rent on Oxford Street, a pretty cool concept. 

Unfortunatley (not really), it did not take up long before we stumbled upon more carbs. Delicious, chocolatey carbs. In the form of a CRONUT. I have been wanting to try one for so long so there was no way I was leaving the establishment without one. 

So I bought one, and it was was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Not at all what I expected it to be, but awesome. 

Check those layers out.

After rolling our bodies out of the donut shop we proceeded to keep window licking.

There is no way you can expect me to walk past a big mirror and not take a selfie, sorry. 

Steve Madden Studded Oxfords

Zara Jumper, Similar
We ended our day strolling along the Thames. It is safe to say that I have fallen in love with London.


  1. You funny, funny girl: window licking!

  2. I envy everything about you in this blog post

    1. no need to envy, you too can be living this live (come live with me)


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