While my mom was in London last week, we took advantage of the awesome exhibitions that you can always find in the city. On this particular occasion it was at Kensington Palace. 

Yup, Kate and Will live there. 

Yup, I was in the same place as them. Well, maybe not, but pretty darn close. 
Anyways, Kensington was putting on an exhibit called "Fashion Rules" that showcased the gowns of the royals during the 21st century, so Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, and Princess Margaret, those kinda royals. 

Dress, Normal Hartnell 

Dress, Hardy Amies 
The detailing on this gown was absolutely stunning.

Dress, Hardy Amies 

Dress, Ian Thomas

Dress, Catherine Walker

You know Diana rocked those shoulder pads.

At the end of the exhibit there was a kids section where you could decorate your own royal gown, I took up the offer and then some by adding a purple cape. What do you think?

Princess Di wallpaper. So perfect. 

All in all, seeing these gowns was fantastic, they were all wonderfully handmade and perfectly exquisite. It is hard to sum it up into words, but I would kill to be able to wear one. Maybe some day.

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