It's back! The HOW CAN I WEAR THAT series, dedicated to those pieces in our closets with the tags still on because while we love them, we have no clue how to style them. Once we identify the culprit, each of us will weigh in on how our fellow HI-STYLER could rock that impulse buy without fear - or guilt.


On my last birthday, I begged my mother for a tuxedo blazer and she surprised me with this beautiful Reformation Pinot Blazer. I was so excited to be able to work this into my daily looks! I found university wasn't exactly the place for me to be wearing such a fancy piece, but I did my best to wiggle it into my outfits. It has now sat unworn for far too long.

Time to call the trusty HI-STYLERS to help me put together a few looks!


Earrings-Catbird // Top-Zara // Pants-2nd Day // Heels-ASOS

MKS: My office dress code is a combination of corporate, fashion, and laid-back LA vibes, so I wanted an outfit that said "I'm responsible and serious" but without doing a boring pantsuit (sorry, Hillary). I kept it simple and monochromatic with the top, so the bold pattern on the pants could really shine. And I'm loving a grey suede heel these days, so why not make it a mule for some extra glam?


Top-Farfetch // Skirt-Forever21 // Shoes- Topshop // Clutch-BooHoo

MEM: I always manage to wear black and white on my nights out and constantly have to remind myself to spice it up a bit. I thought this funky shirt would amp up my usual b+w uniform without stepping too far out of my comfort zone and sticking to my style. Although, those shoes do look dangerously impossible to walk in - but when has that ever stopped me?


Shirt- Uniqlo // Pants- ASOS // Shoes- Aquazurra // Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples

MVM: I have put together the ultimate Sunday brunch outfit. The weather is starting to cool down in Virginia so I paired my jacket with a simple white v-neck and some joggers. These pants are the most comfortable pants you will wear which makes them the perfect Sunday errands. And of course, some sunnies to add some color!

It's safe to say I'll definitely be able to work this baby into my weekly routine with no trouble - all thanks, of course, to HI-STYLE.

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