I love half-days. I get up early, make my espresso and get ready for the office like any other workday, but then around 1pm...freedom. It's a beautiful thing.

This was how my Labor Day weekend began - a very productive Friday morning, followed by a leisurely afternoon on 3rd Street.

We started with rosé, a bellini, and some light reading at The Little Next Door, arguably the best patio in town. It's my favorite spot for outdoor french fare, and the best for end-of-the-evening dessert and coffee. Friday through Sunday though, is brunch time.

Serrano ham with wild arugula and poached eggs - yes. 

After lunch we moseyed on to Carmela for a sweet treat.

Carmela has an impressive menu of flavors - my unoffical goal for this summer was apparently to find as many offbeat ice cream flavors as I can, and to consume them all in a most unladylike fashion (hint: I'm succeeding).

We tried rose petal, lavender honey, earl grey and peaches & cream.

p/c Laurel Lewis
It was an exceptional afternoon. Can I live my life in half-days?

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