MKS said it best, 1pm on a Friday means FREEDOM.
After fleeing the office, going to a wedding, and shopping at IKEA--it was SW's turn.  As you all know, we usually have a standing Tuesday date, but this week we decided to make use of Labor Day and head over to Georgetown. It's only about a two mile drive from my apartment over Key Bridge.  We were hungry so we headed straight to the ol' stand by-- Pizza Paradisio.  We decided to share a few things--drink included because it was a scorching hot and didn't want to weigh ourselves down.

To start, we had the Crostini Formaggio Di Capra, it was lovely--sharing it was perfect because we could save room for pizza!

Goat cheese is one of the main food groups. 

After stuffing our faces, we were ready to order a drink. I'm a cider girl (if you didn't already know) so we went with one of my favorites, J.K.'s Skrumpy. My dad and I actually tried this for the first time in NYC while eating at the Spotted Pig. It actually tastes like apple juice. I am not joking. It's on the sweeter side for a cider, but it does wonders on a hot summer day.

Click to learn more!

Here comes the money shot, the margarita pizza. I have had traditional pizza from Italy, and to be honest,Pizza Paradisio is a pretty good second. 

Hey, there. 
With bellies full, we climbed up M street for some shopping. I was on a mission to try on the contents of my online shopping basket, and was greatly disappointed to find none of the items I was looking for.

With my head hung low, SW dragged me up the street to H&M. Though the aircon was broken, we managed to find some goodies--work wear, but I'm not going to spend money on ugly work clothes now am I? You will have to check back another day to see what I bought.

Can you tell how hot it was?

After Zara, we decided that too many people had the same Labor Day idea we did, so we headed home--but not without hitting Jack Wills for some undies (they have the comfiest sleeping undies FYI---now you all know what I sleep in, but w/e)
Couldn't leave without snapping a photo of the canal.

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