I am here to admit that I have a major crush on Rachel Antonoff.

If it were possible to be friends with anyone, it would have to be her.
Not just because of her cute blonde ponytail, or because of her equally awesome friends (Mae Whitman, c'mon) but mostly because she is a badass designer.
I honestly cannot get enough of her designs. She makes me not want to wear anything but quirky prints and girly-chic dresses. But that's enough of me confessing my love, let's get talking about how she promotes her new line each season.

It isn't a skeletal model jaunting down a runway, but her friends in short films filled with awkwardness, hilarity, and just plain cuteness. This one, for her Fall/Winter 2014 collection, stars some familiar faces and the ultimate manic-pixie dream wardrobe. I have to say though, Best Friends directed by Lena Dunham is my favorite. But really, who can choose when faced with such adorable-ness?

Here's HI-STYLE's top picks from her most recent collection:


YES, That is Haddie From Parenthood.



Check out her out on tumblr, twitter, and instagram and her previous collections here.

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