What do HI-STYLERS love more than sample sales, cookies, and free cocktails combined?




Friday afternoon began with a toast, as it should. I had a very serious and productive day planned - doing my nails, watching Zoolander, and online shopping.

My evening was a little more exciting; we had tickets to Star Girls, a Star Wars burlesque show put on by Devil's Playground. This was my second time seeing this particular show, but I was no less enthused - the performers are so talented, and the acts are always inventive and pretty well executed considering the questionable legality of it all. For such an occasion, I decided to have a little fun. 

Hair chalk is a magical thing

Saturday included an early morning trip to the Grove to soak up the last of the Zara sale, with a little help from my fellow HI-STYLE ladies via Snapchat, of course. We then went on a search for food in Little Armenia - and ended up at a Greek place with the best gyros I've had in a while. Thank you, Paro's

Everything was a YAY.

Sunday was all blue skies for our Orange County beach day. Crystal Cove is one of my favorite beaches, if you can fight past the tourists staying at the pretty tacky restored bungalows. The place to be is by the condemned bungalows down the beach, duh. 

Beach bummin' 

We concluded our weekend with a viewing of Under the Skin, a horror/sci-fi/weirdo film by Jonathan Glazer. It was REALLY weird but I'm glad I saw it. ScarJo was surprisingly good, though she mostly just vacillated between looking evil, walking backwards, and looking bewildered. Mica Levi's score, however, was the true star.


TBH if I were to recap my entire weekend for you right now would mean I would be giving you a peek into a future blog post. But I'm open to giving you a few tastes. It started off with a quick hop, skip, and jump over to Toronto via Charlotte airport for 5 minutes. Literally, I had to rush off one plane and walk right onto another one. Once I got off I was homeward bound to my family's apartment in Yorkville.

I immediately requested pizza for dinner because, you know. After that we casually strolled around the 'hood.

Topshop overalls, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (similar). Awkward pose, all me. 

The remainder of the weekend was spend catching up with various family members that I don't get to spend a lot of time with, and taking selfies with my niece.

If you couldn't tell from the above image, it is a lot chillier here than anticipated. However if you also noticed the title of this post, we are warriors, and temperature doesn't affect warriors. But even a warrior needs a flannel and hot tea now and again. I started watching The Killing too, v good, v good indeed.

It's up to you to tune back for a more detailed post on my weekend!

My weekend started off with a trip to the movie theatre. Not just any old theatre, but a theatre with reclining LazyBoy seats. I didn't take a picture for you guys because I didn't want to be that person with their flash going off in the theatre. We saw The Hundred Foot Journey, but you will get to hear more about that later!
Time to get movin'
Saturday morning, I took a little run down to the Courthouse Farmer's Market and picked up some goodies for the rest of the week.(short week! YAY TDOT!) To reward myself for running, I took part in the Mac's Donut doughnut truck.

I deserve you.
After wandering around the neighborhood, stopping in and out of shops, grabbing bits and bobs from here and there, I decided it was time to go hang out with SW. But before that, my Forever 21 goodies arrived! I was disappointed because my cute jammies didn't make it in the package. But a F21+ dress in blue did. Any takers?

Espresso Chip for my date, Mint Chip for me. 
Wow, writing this post is making me realize how much I ate this weekend. You're welcome for your eyes but no thank you to my thighs.

A and I celebrated a birthday that evening and hung out with some friends. Clearly, I am still a noob because I didn't take any photos. Sunday, was a pool and brunch day for the lovely SW and me.

F21 necklace (sold out), Triangl suit

And the topping on my Sunday, enjoying the sun with my Pally while eating pizza. 


Not pictured: SW and me passed out on the couch after brunch. It's a rough life.

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