While most of my weekend was spent reinventing the Bartender's Guide using only St. Germain, Sunday we had to get up & out to the Ace Hotel downtown for a very special occasion -  the release party for the third issue of my friend's fabulous magazine, VIA.

I went with a "I'm hip enough to bypass the inevitable line, right?" look, with a steal of a striped dress, pearl ear cuff, a very special zig-zag, and white d'orsay flats.

I have two face modes: scrunchy and smug.

Housed in the old UA building - beautiful!

No, I was not hip enough to bypass the line. But at least we had lots of intricate stonework to look at while we waited! Soon we headed upstairs to Upstairs...and straight for the bar. Beware, the Ace makes some strong beverages.

Real question is: what's more upstairs than Upstairs?

Just a couple of Future Publishing Titans of America, no big deal.

Beats by DubLab

It was a lovely event, and it doesn't hurt that the magazine is pretty dope too. It's one fine piece of print. You gotta support local publications like VIA - it's where the real magic happens these days.

After we'd had our fill of Wing Wings and Kentucky Mai Tais, we Ubered to one of my favorite downtown joints, Wurstk├╝che. If you haven't been...we're going. If you've already been...we're going. It's absolutely the best sausage in LA - their rattlesnake & rabbit is a delightfully morbid play on wurst.

Sauerkraut everywhere. 

After our literal sausage fest, it was time for the after party at an undisclosed location downtown. I can't say any more for legal reasons, but I will leave you with this: a backlit steerhead.

Party on. 

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