Monday was a work day for my dad and me. He of course had "real" work and I had a lot of reading to do. However, you can hardly call what I have to read work because it is actually a very enjoyable look into the world of Contemporary art.

After logging in a few hours at a local coffee shop, a sweet find courtesy of me and not my father, called 7 Grams (post to come because I will be taking MVM) we decided it was time to grab some lunch with my mum. None of us wanted anything too fussy so we headed down to our local specialty grocery store Pusateri's.

A golden beet salad, seven grain salad, and of course a ginger ale for moi.

Canada Dry is the best ginger ale on the market, all others are inferior.

After our little lunch in the sunshine I thought it was an appropriate time to share my new overalls.

Let's just say I won't be asked to pose for the next September issue of Vogue, but this was the best way to show off the latest addition to my wardrobe. I am the kind of person that goes all in on certain items like jeans, bags, shoes and then fill the rest with finds from Forever 21, HM, Zara, those kinds of places.

My latest splurge is something you may recognize from a previous wish list, these are Free People's Denim Overall in "brady wash." Because they have a hefty price tag I set money aside towards an overall fund and this week I was able to break my piggy bank and buy 'em.

When it comes to purchasing a more expensive piece of clothing I like to mull over the idea of having it in my closet. Will I wear them more than once? Can they be worn for multiple seasons?

In the case of these overalls, they are basically just like purchasing another pair of jeans, but way more fun.

Throw on a simple white tee,

Those leopard sneaks from Steve Madden,

A thick chunky sweater to keep yourself warm,

possibly that hat MKS has been swooning over and call it an outfit!


The straps in the back can either be crisscross or worn up and down.

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