As you read this, the weekend has come and gone in one swift movement and you are longing for your warm bed and the ability to linger in it for as long as you want. But, you and I both know you have a few more days until you can do that again. Thankfully you can reminisce on those three short days with photos.

Manda arrived late Thursday night. We both went to sleep and woke up early excited for Friday and what we have been eagerly planning. Lunch at Momofuko and a bit of shopping around and exploring.

We both put on our most practical shoes and began our 30 minute walk towards the restaurant and the buzz of the city.

Momo has been on both MVM and my radar for some time now. We love Milk Bar, I'm still ooohing and ahhing over that birthday cake, but we never had a chance to try their ramen. Luckily for us the restaurant opened a store in Toronto last year. Finally we had a chance to slurp giant bowls of noodles.

The interior was Tokyo cool with large community tables and bar made of wood. You can never go wrong with simple clean lines and boy did the interior designers at Momofuku Toronto do it right.

According to the hostess who greeted MVM and me, we gave off "the bar vibe" so she sat us right in front of the action. Our hostess was right, we do love to be in the middle of the action.

We both decided that it was the right idea to start off with the Seven Spice Sour Slushie (Try and say that five times fast).

As kids MVM and I were always first in line for the ice cream truck getting our blue raspberry slushies, nothing has changed-- other than the flavor of course. This time they were spiked with a little bit of Sake-- in interesting mix of lime and a hint of spice.

We both slurped our slushies and decided what we wanted to dine on. We wouldn't be twins if we didn't get the same thing, we started with BBQ Chicken Buns (not pictured because they were devoured too fast) and Momofuku ramen.

As we drank we watched the chefs prepare the food in front of us.

Finally, our ramen arrived. I snapped a quick pic and got to slurpin'.

So did MVM.

After a quick selfie in the bathroom ceiling, we headed up the stairs to Milk. In this case it wasn't the actual store/bakery just a refrigerated room. 

All you had to do was pick up a grocery basket and shop for the treats you wanted, pretty clever. 

We couldn't decide on what we wanted, so we went for one of everything. Lets just say this was not a cheap meal for the two of us, but we knew we wouldn't be back for a very long time and were both pleased with our gastronomical experience. If Momofuku decides to open up a restaurant in London I'm SOL.

After Lunch we took the long way home via Queen Street and did a bit of looking in the stores.

Overall, a very lovely afternoon and I wouldn't change it for anything.

If you happen to be in Toronto of New York City go give Momofuku or Milk a try.  Or if you don't, you can always order a cake bite or two online!

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