And we just got paid.

If you want this money, baby...this is not the right place because we are broke. 

Not that getting paid means we're suddenly rolling in it. We're fancy, not $$fAncY$$. But if we were $$fAncY$$, here's what we'd head for:

1. Free People's Washed Denim Overalls  

2. Zara Polka Dot Jacquard Chinos 
3. Steve Madden "Ecentric" slide ons
It takes every fiber in my being not to spend every penny of my paycheck each week; the inner shopoholic in me dies a little each time I deposit my bucks into my savings account. But I know I will be thanking myself after my big move to Londontown. That doesn't mean a girl can dream...or in my case, window shop online. These are a few of my current wants right now. I'm sure I will end up purchasing one of these.


h/t LA Weekly
 As a child, my favorite restaurant in the world was Campanile on La Brea Boulevard. Anytime we journeyed from Long Beach to LA, I begged to go. They baked their own bread, which eventually spun off and became the nationally beloved La Brea Bakery. I was devastated when they closed in 2012, sure that LA would swallow that beautiful building whole. But LA's hidden talent is rebirth, and now I can almost go back to Campanile - albeit under another name, another chef, and another aesthetic.

An evening at Republique, which opened late last year under Chef Walter Manzke, would be my ultimate gastro-indulgence. To start: obviously, a house old-fashioned. Then a dozen oysters - perhaps Malpeque from P.E.I. for a taste I already know I love, and Glidden Point from Maine for something new. As much of their famous charcuterie as I could handle, and pain au levain with a side of pan drippings because I'm sorry, who can resist pan drippings? Another old-fashioned for sure, to go with a dry-aged pork chop & belly. And to finish, a black mission fig tart with a glass of Valdespino Inocente Fino...a girl could die happy. And poor. But happy.

Last night, I moved into my very first apartment, paid for all on my own. Thank god I got paid today. I have always had a keen eye for money and numbers, but even someone like me has to have a weakness for something. That something is usually clothing/shoes/makeup, but today, I have a longing for things to decorate my shiny new home with, check below for my most wanted.
Curtis Kulig

But until then, I'll just take these shoes. 
Kurt Geiger

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