Once upon a time on a lovely summer evening, I had a crisp glass of rosé with Rachel McAdams, well sort of.

I don't know about you, but the best place to enjoy a nice glass of rosé is on the rooftop of a building in a beautiful city with the sun setting and good company.

This specific occasion took place at a restaurant on Yonge Street in Toronto called Terroni with a bottle of Bastianich. Luckily for my fellow HI-STYLER MKS she can go to Terroni in LA and enjoy the same bottle of wine-- its almost as if we were enjoying it together.

It also doesn't hurt when your good company is Rachel McAdams, who happened to be dining next to us. I didn't notice when she first sat down, I quickly did when we accidentally made eye contact and my mouth opened and a creepy smile followed.

Way to play it cool, girl. Now I just wish I had MKS's pink locks to match my pink wine.

Not too sweet and very crisp is what I look for in a glass of rosé, what about you?


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