The ladies of HI-STYLE are good at many things - shopping, drinking, being amazing - but our real talent lies in Snapchat.

We may be thousands of miles apart, but we certainly keep those cell towers humming with extremely meaningful and important snaps of our lives. NSA, you are so welcome. 

Very Important. 

This weekend, I was quite the rolling stone. Slow to the start, since by 1PM on Friday I was on the couch drinking first a cava, then a beautiful rosé from Domaine, a wine store a few blocks from my apartment - check it out if you're in the West Hollywood area. They have an incredible selection at every price point with a very knowledgable staff, and tastings now and again. Every bottle in there will impress even your snobby, ill-informed friend who thinks blends are for plebes. 

Saturday I took a jaunt to my suburban retreat, aka a very welcome visit with my parents. I had to do a little shopping while I was there - when in the OC, am I right?

Zara sale, can't be tamed. 
Uniqlo pop-up!

After all that exertion, it was time for a little two-on-one with a pair of shears and my stylist - chop chop!

Just a trim, but my split ends were getting uppity. 


When I got back from my spa day, I had a few online indulgences waiting for me...oui, Msr. Postman!

Asos Mules

Perfect timing, because I was ramblin' on again (or rather Ubering on) down Santa Monica Boulevard to the Troubadour, one of my favorite LA venues. Repping both Magritte and Queen Bey on my shirt, and a 7&7 in hand shortly after we walked in, I was firmly in my happy place. We missed the first opener, but arrived in time to catch a time-traveling set by Y Luv - the eighties were alive and well that night, and we partied like it was 1989.

But of course, the main event was Saint Motel.

My first introduction to Saint Motel was their single "My Type," a really fun, ska-ier love child between Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand. I really think you're gonna love it.

Their new EP is out August 17th, and they treated us to a sneak peek of the whole thing! It was glorious.Who can't love a band with a song that has a title and refrain of "Benny Goodman"?

Post-show we wandered next door for some delicious (if over-priced) snacks at Dan Tana's. I have a thing for classic LA hangs - even if they do get a little musty. Dan Tana's is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year; here's to fifty more fueled by chianti, calamari fritti, and wasted regulars who fall asleep on the valet benches (true story).

Not pictured: Sleeping Beauty of the Valet Stand
See, it rains in LA. Just not on the Rolls.

Sunday held yet another adventure - Pasadena! After a long overdue brunch with my favorite fellow LBC twin, we headed to the Stone Company Store for a little respite from the heat.

And with that, back over the hill we went to start a new week - a complete unknown, like a rolling stone. Until next weekend!

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