Mercado on 3rd

Some nights, you just need a margarita and an excuse to break in a pair of heels, and last night was one of those times. Solution? A lady date with giggles by jones at Mercado & my new favorite strappy sandals.

Sandals, Forever 21

Lately I've been going a little shoe-mad, but I couldn't deny these beauties. Forever 21 makes surprisingly sturdy footwear, and you can experiment with shapes and shades you maybe wouldn't want to invest too much in. I tend to shy away from light shoes, but at this price I won't freak out if I scuff the side a little. Plus they're available in black and plum! I do recommend ordering a size up - those middle straps have no give. 

An overly smug cat-eye

Mercado is a great little Mexican joint at 3rd and Fairfax, right across from the Grove. There's another one in Santa Monica, but that's way too far to drive on a Tuesday. Less rush hour, more happy hour.

The ambiance is rustic Dia de los Muertos meets clean industrial - gorgeous. 

Drinks aren't bad either - this ruby red grapefruit margarita was perfect to the end. I could have had ten more, but that plus driving would have been the antithesis of chic. 

This guacamole, good lord. At first glance it may seem like regular, fully mashed guac, but a closer look found whole halves of avocado and chunks of tomato. A welcome surprise indeed. 

Of course, no outing in LA is complete without parking drama. I thought I was being clever by parking in the lot across the street, until my partner in margs informed me that without validation, my bill was going to be astronomical. Thank goodness I was out of some essentials, so I had an excuse to stop into Trader Joe's.  

Why shouldn't every night end with cookies and champagne?

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