Top Shop Jamie Jeans 

I highly dislike pants. Whenever I wear them I feel like I'm wearing individual straight jackets on each leg. Unfortunately, it isn't exactly sociably acceptable to walk around in watermelon printed boxers all day, so I do in fact own pants. Though, most of them (all of them) are black, this post is dedicated to one particular pair.

I know I am not the first person to verbalize my love for this pair of jeans, but, I cannot get enough of them.

Topshop's Jamie jeans are it.

If they could be the only pants that I owned for the rest of my life I would certainly be satisfied. I am a grandma when it comes to my pants.
I like them nice and high, either right below or right above my bellybutton. And these jeans fit those standards. Topshop's Jamie jeans can be dressed up with heels, a simple white tank, and bold lip or dressed down with a pair of your favorite high tops, a flannel, and a pineapple on your head (topknot).
Heels, Charlotte Russe (old) Similar

Shoes, Urban Outfitters (Old) Similar

Nike High Tops (the color I own is currently unavailable, but there are more!)
Can you guess my favorite look?

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