The Royals, they are summoning me.

Let the Londontown countdown commence.
A month from today I will be landing in London and starting the next phase of my life. 
It's hard to put into words the emotions that are going on in my brain because they are constantly shifting. 
A major part of me is eager to get there, jump right into life, school, and find my niche in an awesome city like London. (I cannot wait to finally have art back in my life).
But obviously there is a little feeling in the back of my brain reminding me of all the things that I am going to miss: Annie's Mac and Cheese, my family, my two dogs, and all of my awesome friends. 
But there is no way, no how, that I am going to let any of those things hold me back on accomplishing something that I have been dreaming about doing since...I can't even remember. 
So I will beat on, like a boat against the current not letting anything get in my path (except packing, someone come help me pack).

The reason I am moving to London is for art so it would be silly for me not to include a couple of the exhibits that I am looking forward to seeing. Here is a short little taste:

Horst, Muriel Maxwell, American Vogue cover, July 1, 1939

  • Horst: Photographer of Style- Fashion and art collide through this artist's camera lens. But he wasn't just about photographs, he was involved in the Surrealist movement as well. I won't spoil it for you, just go check it out for yourself. While you're at the V&A, go grab a scone. What do you have to lose?
Reconstruction of Mondrian's Paris Studio at the Tate Modern 

  • Mondrian and His Studios- Piet Mondrian is one of the first artists that gave me the"art bug".  I wouldn't say he is my favorite artist,  but I cannot deny his massive significance to art and its history. Definitely a must see in my book, plus how cool is it that they have reconstructed his Paris studio? 


  1. That is way cool. I still can't believe that in all the trips I've made to London I still haven't been to the Tate! This shall be rectified on the next trip which fingers crossed will be in 2015.


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