Some of you may know and some of you may not, but I have had quite the busy week, and that continued into the weekend.

After a v. long workday/moving day on Thursday I treated myself to a little Whole Foods goodness.

I am still in the process of unpacking/cleaning/laundry/organizing and as soon as it is done I will let you peak into my new digs.

I had the honor of moving into a brand spanking new apartment building. This means I am the first person to ever live in my apartment and  the first to use all of the outrageous amenities that come with it. To celebrate the opening of this building, the renting company threw a party for the new tenants to meet each other and celebrate the opening of the POOL. Let's just say I was the first person to jump in, AND I won the cannonball competition.

My battlefield.

Sunday is my glorious day of rest. After a lazy morning, A and I headed into the city to meet up with some friends to check out their new place and to explore Eastern Market. The cool part about Eastern Market is all of he awesome venders. I managed to get all my produce for the week and explore the eccentric vendors that fill the market. One afternoon was certainly not enough time, so I know I will be back.

For the MKs in my life. 

As I write this my smoke alarm is going off....better run...I hope everyone has a Happy Monday! 
(I hate Monday -_-)

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