Who doesn't love a good burrito bowl?
I know I love them, I don't have them very often because they can seriously add up and ain't nobody got the waistline for that.
SW and I have a weekly "date night" where we meet up and do different activities together (mainly eat food). This week, I decided that we should make burrito bowls.
They are crazy easy to make and much cheaper (and better!) when you make them yourself.

FIRST: Choose your weapon, I used my Orange Tomodachi knife to chop/dice my ingredients.  You can use whatever ingredients you like best, we chose to make a fajita bowl with peppers and onions. Next, you will want to prepare your rice; we used brown.

Sauté your peppers and onions together, low and slow is always the way to go, people. While those are cooking, make your black beans. I love black beans, they are one of the most important components of a burrito bowl. They are not the most photogenic, but I basically used this recipe.

Look at SW go.
Once your rice finishes cooking add the juice of one lime and some chopped up cilantro.
Now you are ready to start building your bowl...or in our case, plate.

We went for rice and beans as the base, and topped it with
 the peppers onions, guacamole, toms, and cheese.

SW could barely wait for me to snap a
 picture before she tucked in.

After finishing dinner, we decided it was best to go for a walk into Clarendon. We didn't make it far before popping into Z-Burger to grab some more fuel (as if we weren't already full enough)

 Z-Burger has over 100 different milkshake/malt/concrete flavors. It's one of DC's most popular burger locations. Even Bill Clinton has been known to stop in every so often!

I went for my standard - chocolate,
SW went for double chocolate. 

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