This weekend, I had a chance to get out of town. I took a half day Friday and hit the road. I only had one thought on my mind- take me to the beach. I spent most of my life living less than half a mile from the beach, and I totally took it for granted. Now that I am living and working in the DC area, I jump at every opportunity I get to put back on my bathing suit.
Welcome to the beach, MVM. 
A's wonderful family invited us to Atlantic Beach, NC for the weekend. We ate, drank and enjoyed the sun (while it was out).

Cody and I taking a little sit. 
The weather was not as sunny as I had hoped for, but it didn't deter us from having a little adventure! We were sent out on a mission to get ice. And instead took a little pit stop to check out what the locals did for fun.
The "coolest" ice machine. 
This is the Tackle Box Tavern, the local dive bar, where locals get so drunk that the bartenders have their wives' numbers on speed-dial. Don't try the "Woo Woo."

Fred is in the corner waiting for his wife.
Back in time to watch the storm roll in over the ocean. 

A storm rolling over the ocean. 

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