Last Friday night, I saw The Hundred Foot Journey. I had waited a very long time, (as you read in a previous post) to see this movie and for me, it didn't let down. I wasn't expecting to see an Oscar-worthy movie, so there was no disappointment. The movie starts off with with a somewhat sad beginning, but as the movie goes on the story line becomes more hopeful. The characters are funny, the setting is beautiful, and the food will make you hungry the whole way through (so make sure you have snacks).

Papa was one of my favorite characters throughout. He takes his family from India, byway of London, to a small village in France. Once there, the family of cooks opens up an Indian restaurant in the small traditional village. Across the way, 100 feet to be exact, is a Michelin rated restaurant. I am not going to go into much more detail, you are just going to have to see it for yourself!

But first!
A favorite photo of mine from the movie...

Trying to convince Papa otherwise..

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