I appreciate lists, schedules and routines, particularly when my days are hectic and filled with a number of activities or in my case assignments. But, as of lately life has been sleepy, a bit boring, you could even say painfully repetitive.

  1. Open Eyes
  2. Hazily feel for my coke cans that I call glasses on the table next to me 
  3. Unplug phone and update myself on anything that I missed during my slumber
  4. Pick myself up and make myself the same breakfast I have every morning (my obsession with oatmeal is real)
  5. Throw in a run, a shower, and an outfit change (I'm not kidding you when I say this is the most exciting part of my day)
  6. Read a bunch of blogs, online window shop, (I'm living the hobo lifestyle here, people. However, a girl can dream), watch an unhealthy amount of Youtube videos
  7. Eat lunch 
  8. Mentally prepare myself for work where I am a slave to the service industry (how may I help you? can I take your order?)
  9. Actually go to work 
  10. Repeat
Luckily what I have to look forward to in the coming months will stir up my somber life and the idea of not knowing what my day to day life will look life sort of excites me, at the same time rouses my anxiety a wee bit. In order to avoid those thoughts I have made my a list of things I'm most excited to do in London.
Here it is, in no particular order.

  1. ART- This may not be new to you or it may, but I love art. It is everything I want to do in life and to finally have museums and galleries at the palm of my hand tickles me with excitement. I cannot explain to you how ready I am to be able to just pop over to the Tate Modern or the Victoria and Albert for no particular reason other than needing a little bit of an art fix. It doesn't hurt that the V&A has a delicious selection of scones with clotted cream. 
  2. Anna Mae's Mac and Cheese food truck- This is a shout out to my childhood Kraft Mac & Cheese days. I have not yet experienced this ooey gooey cheesy goodness, but it looks like my kind of religious experience. Though this is obviously not the only food experience I am most excited for, but it is a nice sample of what's to come.*
  3. The sunsets. The floods of color that fill the sky at night like none other and no one is the same.
    thx for the pic ML
  4. Window shopping- London is obviously one of the fashion mecca's of the world and has some of the best street style I have ever seen. Fortunately, I may not have to fully closet my shopping addiction because London is filled with reasonable high street stores, markets, thrifting, and deals galore. You just have to hunt for them, and oh man am I willing. 
  5. The song says it all. Oh and boots, cannot forget my trusty lace up boots. 

As I write this, the most exciting part of my week is a grocery store opening.
Yes, I said it.
Whole Foods is opening their doors and I will be first in line for deals and free samples.
Lucky for me I know that there is a glimmer of hope for what's to come.

* Other food places I am waiting anxiously for include, Homeslice Pizza, Bone Daddies, Yalla Yalla, Nordic Bakery, Flat Iron (for my mama)


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