Pearls are for the elderly, the preppy, the boring, the basic - quoth some big dummies who don't know anything about anything. The little lovelies are being found all over the runway and the streets in brand spankin' new silhouettes. And thank goodness! The first piece of jewelry I ever cherished was a pair of Mikimoto earrings my dad brought me from Japan, while I was still in utero no less. I'd hate for the reigning style deities to proclaim me BASIC for wearing them.

Just kidding, I don't give a flying pig. But in case you do, below are some decidedly un-basic ways to rock pearls from now til eternity.

I'd hang out with her. h/t Frock & Roll

Saskia Diez Stripe Pearls Ring No. 3

Dior Mise en Dior Earrings - copyright-infringing version here

My phone cases generally have ears on them, but this could lure me away. 

Zara Pearl Headband

I just need it, okay?

I'm cheap.

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